PSM was founded in 1947 as Selangor Stamp Club by Dr Kandiah and friends. In 1970 it became a full fledge national organisation known as Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM).

Our Past Presidents
The following are the three past Presidents of the society who have certainly given an excellent performance. The progress of the Society in no small measure is attributed to their immense efforts and contributions.

Dr Alfred Rajasingam Kandiah
Mr. Ronald F Lankester
Mr. S Kula Singam
1947 - 1953
1968 - 1987
1954 - 1957
1958 - 1967
Historical Photos
The Hon'ble Datuk E E C Thuraisingam (second from left), then Member of Education, speaking at the opening of the 2nd Stamp Exhibition held on 22 Sept 1951 at the old YMCA building, Kuala Lumpur, Members of the SSC EXCO are seen in front of the Minister
The 6th Annual Stamp Exhibition was held on the 2nd & 3rd of November in 1957 at the Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur. It was officially declared open by the then DYTM Sultan of Selangor. Pictured is HRH (centre) viewing an exhibit. On the left is the Late R F Lankester (former SSC President) and on the right is the late Mr S Kula Singam, MBE, the then President of the SSC
The late Hon'ble Tun V T Sambanthan (right) then Minister of Works, Posts & Telecoms viewing some exhibits, after declaring open our 9th Annual Stamp Exhibition on 11 November 1961 at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur. Explaining the exhibits is the late Mr S Kula Singam, the President.
Here's how our 9th Annual Stamp Exhibition held in 1961 at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur looked like.
The late Tun V T Sambathan (2nd from left), Minister of Works, Posts & Telecoms, shaking hands with Mr. Len Barsdell, then Press Attaché of the Australian High Commission at the 9th Annual Stamp Exhibition of the Selangor Stamp Club on 11 November 1961 at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur. Also in the picture are the late Mr. S Kula Singam (left), then President of the SSC, the late Dr A R Kandiah, 1st Vice President (3rd from left) and Mr. C Nagajah (2nd from right), then Hon Secretary. Mr. Barsdell was a very active official of the SSC.
The late Hon'ble Tun Haji Abdul Razak bin Hussein (right) then Deputy Prime Minister showing keen interest in an exhibit, during his tour of the 12th Selangor Stampex, which he officially opened on 6 December 1965 at the Muzium Negara. In the centre is the then President of the Selangor Stamp Club, the late Mr. Kula Singam.
Two special Auction Sales in aid of the National Defence Fund were held on 23rd March and 4th May, 1965. All items for the Sales were donated by members of the Club in Malaysia and Overseas. Both Auctions proved succesful and a sum of $500 was realised. The President of the Club, Mr. S. Kula Singam, M.B.E., is seen above handing over a cheque for $500 to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, the Hon'ble Datuk Senu bin Abdul Rahman on 6th September.
The 13th Selangor Stampex was officially opened by Datuk Senu bin Abdul Rahman, then Minister of Information & Broadcasting, on 10 October 1966 at Muzium Negara. The picture shows the Minister speaking at the opening.
Malaysia's Postage Stamp Centenary Exhibition 1967 was officially opened by our Patron, His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor on 16 October 1967. HRH is seen speaking at the opening ceremony.
The late Hon'ble Dato' Hussein bin Onn, then Minister of Education, addressing the opening ceremony when he officially opened the 1st Malaysian Stampex at the National Muzium on 14 December 1970.